We all have our strengths…

…and we all have our weaknesses.

One of mine is auto-photography. I suck, suck, suck at the Art of the Selfie (selfie: n. photograph taken of oneself in an attempt to display one’s sexiness to online viewers of said photograph).

Regardless, here are a few attempts from last night. At least you can tell that I haven’t changed much…

Annie Calhoun, New Orleans Courtesan and Escort
My only somewhat-successful attempt to utilize the timer function on my little camera.

Annie Calhoun, New Orleans Escort and Courtesan
An unsuccessful attempt to do the same.

Annie Calhoun, New Orleans Courtesan and Professional Companion
An attempt to show you how muscular my legs are. Hey, I ride a bike to work every day; I better have SOME evidence of that.

Annie Calhoun, New Orleans Courtesan and Escort
Watch as I very, very, very slowly treat you to a view of my underpants…

New Orleans Escort, Courtesan, Professional Companion Annie Calhoun
Just kidding!! You have to look at my legs again.

Annie Calhoun IMG_2512
That’s mah belly!

New Orleans Courtesan and Escort Annie Calhoun
The view from my boobs!

Well, there were tons of others, but most of them ended up looking weird because I was trying not to show my face, which of course necessitates contorting myself into odd, unnatural positions. Here’s an example:

NOLA Courtesan Annie Calhoun Yeah. Not so sexy.

Oh well. So I suck at photographing myself. There are plenty of other things I’m good fantastic at ;)

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  1. I think you are funny, have a beautiful sense of humor. I often wonder why nice ladies feel they have to do the things they do to feel loved & wanted.

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