“Best Escort in New Orleans” – Things That Made Me Happy Today

  1. Emails from my favorite clients ;)
  2. The scent of Night-Blooming Jasmine.
  3. A trip to the park with my dog to enjoy the lovely weather.
  4. It was warm enough to wear a tank top!
  5. Riding my bike in the French Quarter through crowds of happy, ridiculously-dressed drunk people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.
  6. This video. Even monkeys understand fairness.
  7. Lovely gifts! This week I received Life of Pi by Yann Martel, and these amazing and fun shoes!
  8. The great big pot of homemade jambalaya I made and shared with my best friend.
  9. The wonderful company of said best friend.

  10. and last, but certainly not least…

  11. Just for fun, I did a Google Search using the terms best escort in new orleans, and look what came up!!
    Annie Calhoun - best escort in New Orleans, and New Orleans's best escort.
    Well, if Google says I’m the best escort in New Orleans, it’s GOT to be true. /sarcasm.

    I’m the third result on page 1 of Google’s search results!!! Wow! Pretty nifty. It also works for: new orleans best escort. Yay! Thanks for the ego boost, Google! (Google’s results will probably have changed by the time you click on those links, but whatever. Trust me on this. I took a screenshot for you and everything!)

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