More Photos…Because I Promised.

I said I’d have more photos up today, and I am a woman of my word. So, without further ado…

New Orleans Escort and Elite Courtesan Annie Calhoun in panties and bra
Yet another of me in panties and bra…


New Orleans Escort and Courtesan Annie Calhoun in Corset, Garter Belt, Panties, and Stockings
This is one I forgot I had on my phone…just hanging out in a corset, panties, garter belt, and stockings…yeah, that’s how I roll. Every night. (LOL it’s a nice fantasy, isn’t it?).
New Orleans Courtesan, escort Annie Calhoun Selfie (quick self-portrait with phone)
And I’m not ashamed to admit I took a selfie with my phone in the restroom of a fancy restaurant. Well, maybe I’m a little bit ashamed, hence the blurring of my face. This was in December.

…and there you have it, folks! I’ll try to take more sometime soon…some real ones. As in, more creative, more sexy, more…well, let’s just say, less boring.

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