Escorts!! Take my Twitter Poll!

Attention: Escorts – If you had a special connection with a regular client the same age as you, would you want to pursue a relationship with him?

Please help!! I’m trying to answer a question for a client. Respond via Twitter poll, or you can comment anonymously below.

For context, go here: Ask Annie: Client of Escort Wants “Girlfriend” Not “Girlfriend Experience”

2 Replies to “Escorts!! Take my Twitter Poll!”

    1. Because it’s a question a reader submitted anonymously, and that’s the information (he’s a regular client of hers, they’re the same age, and they have a special connection) he included. I *could* just answer it myself, but I can’t speak for all escorts, and I certainly can’t speak for an escort I don’t know. So I wanted to open the question up to other escorts’ perspectives. And it wouldn’t be a very convincing answer if I failed to inform them that there’s no age difference, since he evidently felt it was an important bit of info to include…

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