Apologies!! My lack of email response was due to technical difficulties, not lack of enthusiasm ;)

Hello everyone!

For a few days there, I…must have done something wrong, and my stupid smartphone wasn’t synching with my email the way it’s supposed to. Anyway, I just assumed that everyone was as busy with pre-holiday stuff as I was, and that I simply wasn’t getting any inquiries.

Well, imagine my surprise when I actually opened my laptop and signed into my email account and I had been receiving emails this whole time! So, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry if it seems that I’ve ignored your email–my lack of response was not intentional, and had I known I was receiving emails, I would have responded to them promptly.

I’ve chosen not to respond to the ones that were requesting an appointment in a very limited timeframe that has already past, as I have not yet built my time machine (still working on it, guys–gimme just a little while longer) and hence am not able to travel back to the days you requested and make it up to you, and I think it might be inappropriate for me to respond now that you’re back at work, doing your regularly scheduled work stuff.

However, I just want to put this out there: if you’re local and still interested in meeting up (or, for visitors: if you come back through NOLA and you’re still interested in meeting up), please don’t hesitate to contact me! From now on, I’m double checking my email account on my trusty, faithful, won’t-let-me-down, never-hides-my-email laptop.

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