A week of Firsts

Well, this was a week of firsts.

First Plagiarism: I found the content of my Eros ad on a site on two Asian escort sites. I guess it’s not really plagiarism–more like content-scraping, but still: Asian Diamond Escort. I can’t decide if this is an accomplishment or what…hmmm…

First Liar: For the first time, a gentleman (I use that term loosely with this guy) lied to another provider about having seen me. He actually attempted to use me as a reference when scheduling an appointment with her, and I don’t know this guy from Adam! The escort in question contacted me to verify that he was safe, and reported that he claimed to have seen me “sometime within the last 3 days.” She of course thought that was odd because, well, who doesn’t remember if you saw someone yesterday or 3 days ago? As it turned out, I hadn’t seen anyone at all on those days, much less the guy who claimed to have been my client. Nice try, but no.

First Fan Mail: I received my first own fan mail!! Someone emailed me to just to say that he enjoyed reading my blog. :)

And I’m off to work!

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