Thanks a Lot, GoDaddy.

To anyone thinking about setting up a website:


They’re a terrible company, their website’s user interface is horrid, they are lying liars, and their service sucks.

I have about 20-25 domains through them (my sites are hosted with HostGator), and I would like to change that ASAP.

This site was down for over 12 hours on Saturday. Why? Because my domain expired and, despite the fact that I have the billing on auto-renew, they shut my site down without warning. I was so angry I decided I would take that opportunity move my domain to another company…but nope, it was impossible. Not only that, the site wouldn’t let me pay to renew my domain unless I bought all this other crap. I had to call customer service, deal with a rep who talked to me like I was an idiot (and told me tons of things I already know in an attempt to scare me into buying more of their shitty products), and get him to take the unnecessary BS (which couldn’t be removed from my “cart” via the website). AND they didn’t give me any kind of refund or anything even though THEY screwed up and had my site down for 12 hours. Jerks.

(I was still very nice to the customer service rep, by the way. It’s not his fault his job depends on misleading people into paying his crappy employer for sub-par service.)

Anyway, screw GoDaddy. I’m looking into alternatives. Feel free to offer suggestions!

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  1. Can I suggest Mini Nimbus?? They offer all hosting services and domains. Never had a problem and they are pretty flexible with renewing and customer support goes the extra mile to make things work.

  2. Check out, I’m not sure how they are for hosting websites (I mean they have to be better than GoDaddy) but they are great for domain names and also fight for things like internet neutrality and freedom of speech.

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