First Video Blog (Vlog?) Post!

(thanks to a certain lovely gentleman for making this post possible)

Well, I made good on my promise–I recorded my first video blog post yesterday! And I opened the mystery golden rectangle to reveal…well, I guess you’ll just have to watch the video. It’s SFW (as in Safe For Work, meaning it’s G-Rated), though I know some of you would probably prefer otherwise, haha. But I’m an escort, not a porn star…though, when it comes to future careers, I guess I wouldn’t totally rule that one out…

I came up with a low-tech solution for the whole “I probably shouldn’t broadcast my face all over the internet” problem: I simply kept my head out of the frame. This worked out fine right up until I started talking and forgot to sit still, haha. I added a blur, which works for now, but I’d like to find an easier way. Maybe next time I’ll wear a really creepy clown mask and lacy lingerie (kidding, kidding).

By the way–this is a BIG step for me, y’all. I am a huge cameraphobe, and as I’m sure you can tell in the video, I get pretty nervous when there’s a camera on me. But I promised I would do it, so I did. That’s how much I love y’all, hahah.

Maybe if I do a bunch of these, I’ll lose the virtual “stage fright”…

Anyway, here it is:
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Today I’m Thankful for Being Spoiled.

Ok so a week ago I noticed that one of you (I’m not naming names, but you know who you are!) had quietly bought me a $500 Amazon Gift Card off my Wishlist several days prior, and I hadn’t even noticed. I thanked him personally, of course, right when I noticed it, and I’ve been working hard at spending that money. But I haven’t mentioned it here yet because I actually didn’t want to write a blog post about it. See, I had this magnificent plan to make a video blog post and show y’all all the stuff I got. That would be fun, right? Also, it would reassure any potential new friends that:

  • Yes, I do exist.
  • Yes, I am the girl in the photos.
  • No, I haven’t gained 200 lbs and a decade of life experience since they were taken.

Well, I’ve run into a couple roadblocks. First off, I haven’t spent all the money yet, and I am slow about making purchases, especially online purchases, because I like to read the product reviews. Also, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to make a video blog post while also maintaining my anonymity, and I haven’t come up with a creative solution to that yet.

And then, just now, the mail came, and here’s what I found…

Mystery surprise gift from a sweet client - November 26th 2014
Surprise!!! It’s a gold rectangle!!!

I haven’t unwrapped it, and I haven’t checked to see who it’s from. And I haven’t cheated by checking my account to see if the answer’s in there, either. Nope, I’m challenging myself to put my money where my…um, no, that’s gross…hmmm….I’m challenging myself to make good on my plan. I will NOT open this gift until I have a video camera rolling and I’m ready to post the finished product on my blog.

And I am super impatient and REALLY excited to see what this mysterious rectangular surprise gift is, so I promise, that will be soon.

In the meantime, thank you for the lovely gift, whoever you are…but mostly, thanks for thinking of me!

edit: I made a video! Here it is:

Thanks a Lot, GoDaddy.

To anyone thinking about setting up a website:


They’re a terrible company, their website’s user interface is horrid, they are lying liars, and their service sucks.

I have about 20-25 domains through them (my sites are hosted with HostGator), and I would like to change that ASAP.

This site was down for over 12 hours on Saturday. Why? Because my domain expired and, despite the fact that I have the billing on auto-renew, they shut my site down without warning. I was so angry I decided I would take that opportunity move my domain to another company…but nope, it was impossible. Not only that, the site wouldn’t let me pay to renew my domain unless I bought all this other crap. I had to call customer service, deal with a rep who talked to me like I was an idiot (and told me tons of things I already know in an attempt to scare me into buying more of their shitty products), and get him to take the unnecessary BS (which couldn’t be removed from my “cart” via the website). AND they didn’t give me any kind of refund or anything even though THEY screwed up and had my site down for 12 hours. Jerks.

(I was still very nice to the customer service rep, by the way. It’s not his fault his job depends on misleading people into paying his crappy employer for sub-par service.)

Anyway, screw GoDaddy. I’m looking into alternatives. Feel free to offer suggestions!

New Year, New Resolutions

Last year I made a few New Year’s resolutions, and I’m pretty proud to report that I actually kept them! They were:

  • Work out regularly
  • Do yoga regularly
  • Make a website
  • Make Greek yogurt a part of my daily balanced breakfast ;)

I’m still working out–I actually kept with it! I found that, for me, the key was to make it as easy and convenient as possible for myself. I only work out for about 20-30 minutes, and I read the Short Fiction inThe New Yorker (generously gifted to me by a particularly awesome client) while doing so. This way, I’m doing two things at once, which makes me feel like I’m being efficient, haha. Also, the story distracts me from the fact that I’m doing something not only strenuous, but boring.

As for yoga, about halfway through the year I started taking weekly yoga classes. I cannot extoll the virtues of (good) yoga enough. There’s nothing like that post-yoga-practice “high.” It’s amazing.

Obviously, I made a website. This, I have to say, might be my proudest accomplishment this year. I never thought I’d be able to figure this kind of thing out. I remember when I first bought the domain and hosting back in March. Wow. I’m ashamed to admit it took me DAYS to figure out how to point a domain to a server and then download the software. And that’s before you even start making the site.

Greek yogurt: OK, I know this one sounds hokey, but that stuff is really good for you! Live cultures are great for keeping your digestive system balanced. Also, I went years without eating many animal products–I’m not big on dairy products, and I rarely eat meat other than seafood (and I only get seafood about once a week)–and I finally realized that it’s just too difficult for me to get enough protein from a plants-and-seafood-only diet.

So, what’s in store for 2013? I’m not quite sure yet. I want to set sensible, reachable goals.

I’d really like to learn how to work on cars, but as you can probably gather from that statement, I have no idea what that entails, and I’m sure it’s far too complex for me to figure out in my spare time.

Maybe I should aim to get back into photography? I wanted to take a course, but I missed the deadline to sign up. :(

I’m really at a loss on this one. Obviously, I should continue with the progress I’ve made on my previous goals. For instance: a few years ago, I decided to start donating money to a different worthy cause each month–that’s one I’m still doing (Check out the one I chose this month: Pets of the Homeless), and will continue to do. And there are things I always need to work on, like writing more, etc. But it’s fun to have a new project to work on. I had a client recently who writes a quick note on a postcard and sends it off to a friend every morning. Perhaps I’ll do that. I love snail mail, and I know others do, too. I know I loved getting this little gem in the mail a couple months back. I’m just afraid that the whole “do this every single morning” thing will be too tough and I’ll get discouraged. My morning “routine” is, um, not very efficient. I’m actually surprised I was able to add the Greek yogurt commitment in there for an entire year; it’s more of an accomplishment than you might think, lol.

Well, if you have any suggestions (or especially cool resolutions of your own that I might be able to adopt as well), feel free to comment or shoot me an email!

Apologies!! My lack of email response was due to technical difficulties, not lack of enthusiasm ;)

Hello everyone!

For a few days there, I…must have done something wrong, and my stupid smartphone wasn’t synching with my email the way it’s supposed to. Anyway, I just assumed that everyone was as busy with pre-holiday stuff as I was, and that I simply wasn’t getting any inquiries.

Well, imagine my surprise when I actually opened my laptop and signed into my email account and I had been receiving emails this whole time! So, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry if it seems that I’ve ignored your email–my lack of response was not intentional, and had I known I was receiving emails, I would have responded to them promptly.

I’ve chosen not to respond to the ones that were requesting an appointment in a very limited timeframe that has already past, as I have not yet built my time machine (still working on it, guys–gimme just a little while longer) and hence am not able to travel back to the days you requested and make it up to you, and I think it might be inappropriate for me to respond now that you’re back at work, doing your regularly scheduled work stuff.

However, I just want to put this out there: if you’re local and still interested in meeting up (or, for visitors: if you come back through NOLA and you’re still interested in meeting up), please don’t hesitate to contact me! From now on, I’m double checking my email account on my trusty, faithful, won’t-let-me-down, never-hides-my-email laptop.

My Screening Practices Explained – Part 1: Just Google Me, Baby!

**This is Part 1 of a three-part series explaining some of the most common screening methods escorts, providers, and other adult entertainers use to ensure safety and discretion with clients.**

I didn’t want to have to do this, but…

I’m often contacted by potential clients who seem to be a bit perplexed by my screening practices. I know that they may seem odd to some, but as I’ve said elsewhere, this is a necessary process. Now, you’ve probably either already noticed–or have been directed to–my list of accepted screening methods on my FAQ page and my Booking Page. But just to reiterate, here it is again:


Screening is required for all new friends. I accept the following methods of verification (choose one):

  • -2 provider references (links to her ad or site, and email), OR
  • -Employment Verification: Your full (real) name, the name of your employer, and your company email or direct phone number, OR
  • -If you’re on P411, you may contact me through my P411 profile.
  • -I accept Date-Check as part of my screening process.

Most clients who are sincerely interested in meeting with me understand that, by employing these methods, I am both ensuring my safety and prioritizing discretion, and they are therefore happy to supply this information.


Lately I’ve gotten a number of emails from clients who tell me to simply Google their names. I’ve typed up several polite, well-thought-out explanations as to why this is not an acceptable substitute for my screening process, some of which were met with understanding and acquiescence, others of which were never answered. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve left my reasoning ambiguous, and I might better serve my clients by explaining what may seem to be an arbitrary list of requirements here.

“Here’s my name. Just Google me, Baby!”

The suggestion, “Just Google me” may seem logical to a client. After all, he may Google his name and find out even more than he’d like me to know, and therefore believe that the info on Google is more than sufficient.

But it’s not. First off, remember that I’ve got a couple Master’s degrees under my belt, so I’m well-versed in research methods, and if Google covered all aspects of client-screening, trust me, I’d be teaching classes on it.

Yes, I can find out a lot about a person just by using Google (probably more than most people realize). The problem arises when I need to verify that I am actually speaking with the person I’m Googling.

Here’s an example of a typical email exchange with a “Just Google me!” client:

  • To:
    Subject: Appointment with you tonight

    Hey Annie,

    My name is Bob Ross. You may have heard of me. I’m a painter, and I used to have my own TV show. Remember “happy little trees?” Yeah, I started that whole thing. Anyway, I want to meet with you tonight. I know it’s short notice, but I’m sure you can accommodate a slick guy like me.

    Talk to you soon,

    Bob Ross the TV Painter

  • ——————————————————-

  • To:
    Subject: RE: Appointment with you tonight

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for contacting me. While I’d love to meet with you, I have not yet received your screening information, and I’m afraid I can’t schedule an appointment with you until I do. Please review the accepted screening methods I’ve outlined on my Booking page.

    Thanks again,


  • ——————————————————-

  • To:
    Subject: RE:RE: Appointment with you tonight


    I did see that list of screening methods, but like I told you, I’m Bob Ross, and all you have to do is Google me. There’s tons of info about me on the internet. I’m a very important person.

    Bob Ross, the TV Painter

  • ——————————————————-

  • To:
    Subject: RE:RE:RE: Appointment with you tonight

    Hi again, Bob.

    I did in fact Google your name. Despite the fact that I do indeed see a lot of information related to Bob Ross, I can’t be sure you are actually him until I’m able to use an email or phone that is traceable to you.

    What I need is an email address that is associated with you publicly and professionally. For instance, if you work for PBS, and the PBS website lists Bob Ross’s email address as, that will work perfectly. You can either shoot me a quick email from that account, or I can contact you through that address and you can reply that you’ve received that message. Then, I’ll know that you are really Bob Ross, the TV Painter.

    Alternatively, you can supply a phone number that is traceable to you. Let’s use the PBS example. PBS lists Bob Ross’s office contact number as (504)555-5555. I can call that number and ask to speak to Bob Ross, and all you have to say is “Yes Annie, it’s me,” and I’ll know I’ve been emailing back and forth with the right guy. However, if you only supply me with a phone number for a prepaid phone, or a number that, when Googled, is not attached to your name or business, that doesn’t really help me.

    And if neither of those methods works for you, you can also provide references (names and contact info or websites) from two established professional companions/providers/escorts you’ve met with in the past. I’ll contact them to make sure you’re safe and a gentleman. When they respond positively, I’ll get back to you and we can set up an appointment.

    Thanks for understanding, Bob! Hope to hear from you soon.


In this hypothetical, I’m betting Bob doesn’t respond, lol.

I hope this clarifies things. If not, maybe I can show you what I mean with a little example. Let’s pretend this is the first time we’ve encountered one another. Here’s what I’ll say to you:

My name is Julia Roberts. You may have heard of me. I’m an actress–a pretty famous one. Go ahead and Google me; you’ll see lots of information about me and what I do. Now you should feel 100% confident that I’m Julia Roberts, the famous actress who is not dangerous or creepy.


Absolutely, Positively, Without-a-Doubt, the Real Julia Roberts®

Now you can be 100% confident you’ll be meeting with Julia Roberts, right? ;)

OK so that’s a pretty ridiculous example, but the truth is, you’d be surprised how often random weirdos on the internet have contacted me claiming to be high-profile local businessmen or surgeons or whathaveyou. You might seem like a reasonable, respectful guy, but I can never be too careful with my safety.

Thanks so much in advance for understanding!


By the way:

If you do choose the professional email address route, and you’re concerned about my email address raising a red flag with your employer, I’ve got a solution. When I use this method, I use a separate, unassuming email address (the word “courtesan” is absent, so this email address doesn’t sound sexy.)

Here’s a copy of the email I send:

Please respond to this message for verification purposes.
If you are not the person who requested this message, please reply to this message with the word ‘Remove,’ or simply disregard.

Thank you,


But Wait, There’s More!

My Screening Practices Explained, Part 2: P411, Date-Check, and References


Scheduling a Date with an Escort – On Providing References

I’m Back from the Power Outage, or My Trip to the 1800s Courtesy of Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac sure made a mess of the wires around here, but after nearly a week without power (or internet), I’m back on the grid! Sweet, sweet air conditioning!

However, I’m still without internet, so I’m visiting coffee shops and friends’ houses as often as possible so that I can answer your emails in a timely fashion. I think I’ve just finished replying to all of the emails I’ve missed over the past week, but if for some reason I’ve overlooked yours, please feel free to scold me via email or the comments section of this post, lol. Cross your fingers that my internet comes back soon!

And before I sign off, I want to send a shout-out to the lovely gentleman who surprised me with an adorable pair of heels from my Amazon Wishlist. I’m so excited to wear them now that I’ve recovered from my brief trip to the sweltering, boring, frustrating 1800s, hahaha. I love when packages arrive on my doorstep unannounced (no pun intended…well, maybe a little ;) ).

Hope everyone fared well in Isaac. Please keep those who suffered damage and loss in your thoughts, and if you’re feeling generous, you can donate to the American Red Cross.

First Post!

Wow, I actually made a website!!  OK so it’s nothing fancy, but I’m learning as I go, and I’m actually messing with code and stuff.  I am ridiculously confused!