Scheduling a Date If you are ready to make an appointment, please first check my Booking page for details. I do not meet with everyone who contacts me–that would be nearly impossible, as I receive quite a few emails a day. Scheduling is a complicated matter, as we both have lives, complete with responsibilities and […]

F. A. Q.

What made you decide to become a professional companion? I get this one a lot. Honestly, it’s pretty simple: While I value my educational achievements, they weren’t in the most lucrative of fields.  Several months ago I realized that I just wasn’t cut out for the life of a starving artist (I enjoy great food […]

Booking: Rates and Screening

As a professional Courtesan in New Orleans, I offer my companionship to respectful, generous clients; see my rates and booking requirements below. Please contact me to set up an appointment. Packages: 1 hour: $400 2 hours: $700 3 hours (dinner date and quality time): $1000 Extended Dinner Date (up to 5 hours): $1500 Is an overnight […]