Visuals: Photos of me

Excuse the snapshot-y quality of the photos; I find the photographers in my area to be a bit creepy, so I’ve been relying on girlfriends & wine for all my photography needs. Still, wine and girlfriends rarely disappoint…

Calling the Client’s Workplace, Escort Earnings: Questions from a would-be escort

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Yay, new question!! Well, semi-new, because it came in like 2 weeks ago and I’m just now getting to it. This one’s a little different from most of the others–today I’m going to answer a couple questions not from a client, but from a woman who is considering working as an escort in New Orleans. […]

Just so you non-Twitter-ers (non-Tweeters?) don’t miss out…

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A certain “Admirer” was requesting new pics, so I took one last night before bed and posted it to Twitter… Bedtime ;) — Annie Calhoun (@NOLACourtesan) September 18, 2013 Yes, I tagged this post with the word “Sex” because…well…sometimes, it only takes one to tango ;) So, dear readers, ask and you shall receive. […]

Yesterday’s Outfit (photo)

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Just uploading this because I’m bored and heck, I kinda wish someone would comment on my outfits. I know lots of people are looking (ah, the magic of understanding how websites and website traffic work!). I should really just link everything (this website/blog, my Twitter profile, my Google+ profile, and my account) so that […]