Open Rant to SexWork Prohibitionists Everywhere

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As a sex worker and an activist, I often run into prohibitionists who are absolutely married to the idea that no woman would ever choose to engage in full service sex work, and that any woman who does engage in it is being exploited by a man–be it her “pimp” or her “john” (yes, they use those words, even though those words aren’t really in widespread use among sex workers themselves). They see work as inherently exploitative to women, and they see women as victims in need of rescue. I refuse to call these people feminists–anyone who insists on infantilizing women and denying them agency is not a feminist. Anyone who refuses to help women by working to secure labor rights for all workers is not a feminist. Anyone who advocates police brutality against and confinement of poverty-stricken women so that they can be “reeducated” and “rehabilitated” into sweatshop workers is. not. a. fucking. feminist.

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Last night, someone broke into the office of Women With A Vision and set fire to their files and office equipment–everything they use in their mission to “improve the lives of marginalized women, their families, and communities by addressing the social conditions that hinder their health and well-being.” WWAV fought to change the law (Crime […]