Check out my piece about foreplay on SimplySxy

A while back, SimplySxy contacted me and asked me to write a piece on foreplay for them. Since I was already procrastinating on writing like 5 other things AND I hadn’t completed anything on my To-Do list (which was filled with weeks-overdue tasks), I figured, “What the hell, this is the perfect time to to write about sex.” So, I did. Here’s a taste:

Good sex can include a multitude of various activities: cunnilingus, fellatio, fingering, mutual masturbation, anal play, kissing, massage, breast worship, etc. And those activities don’t always happen before intercourse. Haven’t you ever stopped to change positions from, say, doggystyle to missionary, and upon glimpsing a flash of pussy, decided that instead you’d like to go down for a bit? Let’s stop thinking of sex as something formulaic and instead appreciate the spontaneous nature of it.

That said, there are reasons that people often do “other things” before the initial penetration…

You can read the whole thing on SimplySxy here: Hot Foreplay Moves that Guys Love and Fantasize About (their title, not mine).

Hah! Listen up, Ignorant Misogynists: Jezebel’s Primer on What Sex Really Does to Your Vagina and…

Because I’m so freaking tired of hearing ignorant, misogynistic jokes about women who enjoy sex regularly, and/or mothers (who have had vaginal births) having “worn out” or “loose” vaginas, allow me to present, for your reading pleasure:

A brief lesson in anatomy:

It’s not the Hallway’s Fault: Jezebel’s Primer on What Sex Really Does (and Doesn’t Do) to Your Vagina and Butthole

You’re welcome!

<3 Annie

“Valentine” (Short Fiction)

Yesterday at the gym, I pulled out my trusty New Yorker, turned immediately to the short fiction for this week, and began reading Tessa Hadley’s short story “Valentine.” I really enjoyed it–so much so that I ended up losing track of time and putting in an extra-long workout, and then I went home and read the critique here (and commented, because I can’t keep my opinion re: fiction to myself, haha). If you haven’t already, you really should pick up this issue if you get a chance, just for this story. For me, it provoked something like a bittersweet nostalgia: it’s about young love, young sex, young disappointment, and lots of other things that seem especially momentous when it’s your first time experiencing them.

And now I’m headed out to French Quarter Fest! Have a great weekend, all!

Short Stories (Fiction) in The New Yorker

I’m not the biggest fan of the gym, so I make it more enjoyable by bringing along an issue of The New Yorker (one of my lovely clients bought me a subscription!) so that I can read the short fiction while I work out. It works pretty well.

So I found a cool blog: New Yorker Story Critiques

And now, when I finish a story, I get out my phone and look at the blog to see what they thought. So I guess this blog is indirectly contributing to my overall health, seeing as I end up staying on the elliptical for a few extra minutes, lol.

Cosmo’s Horrible Sex Tips for Women

My friend just sent me this link, and it had me cracking up. I hadn’t thought about Cosmopolitan magazine in a LONG time, and I had forgotten how downright ludicrous (or should I say lewd-icrous? har de har har) their sex tips are. And that makes up like half of every issue of the magazine!!!

I remember being about fourteen years old and picking up a Cosmo at my older cousin’s house. It was full of sex tips (something along the lines of “100 Tricks to Make Your Man Melt!”). I was a virgin, and not only did I not know a damn thing about what men really like, but I didn’t even realize that (SURPRISE!) men are individuals, and therefore not all men like the same thing. (From the looks of it, the writers at Cosmo haven’t figured this out yet.)

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