Photos I keep forgetting to post…

A few of my friends are photographers (both professionals and amateurs, as a job or as a hobby). You’d think this would work out really well for me, except I always feel goofy trying to “look sexy” for the camera when one of my best friends is the one shooting. But, I’m often recruited to be a model anyway, probably mainly because my schedule permits it.

A couple months ago, one of my friends got some new equipment, and she wanted to try it out. So, she stopped by my place, picked out an outfit for me to wear, and we zoomed off to the location she’d been wanting to use as a backdrop for a while.

It was a tough shoot because one of the things she was trying to accomplish was working in difficult lighting situations and because I was instructed to have a “neutral” facial expression. I got a little bored after a while and I mostly just wanted her to sit down already and join me for a few drinks (she eventually did, haha).

Anyway, you can’t see much, but here are just a couple of the photos she came up with:

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