What I Wore Today (photos)

Just a blog update with photos to show you:

  1. What I wore today
  2. That my body has not morphed into a completely different shape than it was a couple months ago (when I last posted pics)
  3. That I haven’t forgotten about my little blog; I’ve just been neglecting it (sorry :( )
  4. That I do occasionally take selfies (photos of myself), despite the fact that I find them kind of ridiculous.

They are super blurry, but eh, I took them on my phone in an elevator mirror and I was trying to be quick about it. I didn’t want anyone to walk up, see what I was doing, and just think I was vain, haha.

New Orleans Escort and Courtesan Annie Calhoun August 2013

But wait! There’s more (which are basically the same, but hey, I tried…)

New Orleans Courtesan and Escort Annie Calhoun - August 2013

Elite Escort and Courtesan Annie Calhoun in New Orleans
(I do have two arms, I promise. Also, I didn’t realize how loose that belt was…yikes.)

New Orleans Courtesan and Elite GFE Escort Annie Calhoun - August 2013
See?! There it is!

GFE Escort in New Orleans - Annie Calhoun

I seriously need a phone with a better camera. And apparently a tighter belt. Ah, the perils of being a petite woman with a crappy phone…

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