A Long-Awaited Escort-Client Private Party

I had the sweetest client the other night. After emailing back and forth a few times over the past couple months, we finally met…and he had something of a surprise waiting for me…

First I saw this, and I didn’t think anything of it…

New Orleans Escort Annie Calhoun

…and then I saw this:

Annie Calhoun - Escort in New Orleans - Appointment with client

He decorated his room at Le Richelieu Hotel and we had our own escort/client private party ;)

And to top it off, he also got me a book!

HR Mencken - Client Gift

I <3 my clients!

4 Replies to “A Long-Awaited Escort-Client Private Party”

  1. Very cute decor :)

    And thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Richelieu! It looks like a fantastic hotel, I have my eye on the VIP suite for my next NOLA appearance.

    1. No problem! It’s a little dated inside, but the location is wonderful. It’s in the French Quarter, but it’s closer to Esplanade Ave, which marks the border between the Quarter and the Marigny (the neighborhood around Frenchmen Street). I like that it’s not so close to all the chaos of the more touristy end of the Quarter (the end closer to Canal St.).

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