International Sex Workers’ Rights Day 2016!

Today, March 3rd, is International Sex Workers’ Rights Day. I know the day is almost over, but you can still observe ISWRD in a meaningful way, tonight, tomorrow, or any and every day you choose. But how?

If you’re a sex worker (escort, stripper, FBSM massage practitioner, Pro-Domme, Cam Girl, etc.):

Show solidarity with other sex workers–even those who do work you don’t do. End the whorearchy! Don’t make disparaging remarks about sex workers who do work you don’t. For instance, if you’re a dancer, don’t say nasty things about escorts, or girls who do “extras” in the club. If you’re an escort, don’t make disparaging remarks about street workers, etc. We’re all stigmatized; we need to stick together because the rest of society certainly isn’t standing up for us.

If you’re a client:

Meet up with your ATF (All Time Favorite) for a special session, or if you don’t have time for that, buy her something nice from her wishlist (if she has one). Also, don’t participate in whore-bashing. I’m aware that many of you won’t call out your friends when they make “dead hooker” jokes or say shitty things about sex workers. I understand that you have a fear of someone becoming suspicious if you stand up and defend us. That’s OK. You can only do what you can do, and you can’t stop other people from being ignorant pricks. But don’t pile on. Don’t add fuel to the flame. Don’t participate in those kind of jokes–the ones that dehumanize us. Because you know us. You know we’re real people. You don’t have the excuse of ignorance.

And if you’re a real badass, challenge your friends when they say those things. Ask them why they have a problem with women who capitalize on their sexuality. What’s inherently wrong with that? Watch them stammer and shut up ;)

If you’re an ally:

Now, I DO expect you to speak out. You have nothing to hide. Speak up when you hear whorephobic comments and jokes. Don’t allow that shit to happen in your presence. Lots of us can’t speak up. If you care about sex workers’ rights, you will.

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