Check out my piece about foreplay on SimplySxy

A while back, SimplySxy contacted me and asked me to write a piece on foreplay for them. Since I was already procrastinating on writing like 5 other things AND I hadn’t completed anything on my To-Do list (which was filled with weeks-overdue tasks), I figured, “What the hell, this is the perfect time to to write about sex.” So, I did. Here’s a taste:

Good sex can include a multitude of various activities: cunnilingus, fellatio, fingering, mutual masturbation, anal play, kissing, massage, breast worship, etc. And those activities don’t always happen before intercourse. Haven’t you ever stopped to change positions from, say, doggystyle to missionary, and upon glimpsing a flash of pussy, decided that instead you’d like to go down for a bit? Let’s stop thinking of sex as something formulaic and instead appreciate the spontaneous nature of it.

That said, there are reasons that people often do “other things” before the initial penetration…

You can read the whole thing on SimplySxy here: Hot Foreplay Moves that Guys Love and Fantasize About (their title, not mine).

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