You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!

(Ok, so it turns out that’s not exactly what she says…)

Of course they liked you! Come on, who doesn’t love Sally Field?

Anyway…I had a similar experience a few days ago, thanks to someone out there who apparently believes I’m fit to be included in a group of 31 American escorts who are “uniquely sexy…who could say so in new words…who share a similar wit, whim, and joie de vivre.”

Here’s what happened: I was checkin’ the ‘ol website traffic stats (yes, I do that), and I noticed that I had gotten a relatively high number of visits from a site I didn’t recognize. Since 1) I’m nosy, and 2) I love to be flattered, I clicked on over, figuring someone must have linked to my site in a gushing blog post about what an absolutely amazing genius I am. But I instead landed on

The creator of the website, “Ana,” is evidently an escort herself, as she mentions that her clients felt frustrated by what she refers to as “flashy ads, vulgar stories, generic texts, (and) impersonal numbers” and “generic writing” found on the usual listing sites. So, she created her own. It’s essentially a collection of escort websites, and not much more. The hree links on the right sidebar make it easy to peruse the collection, bookmark websites you like, and can contact anyone you find interesting. There are no ads or listings per se; the site is more like a carefully curated virtual art museum…except with escort websites. No, I’m not a shill for this site, and no, I didn’t create it, but I do think you should check it out. I’m sure you’ll agree this is something very new and very different.

And “Ana” (I’m not sure if this is a webmaster pseudonym, or if she uses this name when seeing clients) promises that it will always be free. “Free,” as in, “No, an escort cannot pay a nominal fee to have her website included in the collection.” Each of the sites listed has been selected because it meets a higher standard–one that can’t be met by simply whipping out a credit card.

This is almost as cool as when I found this, lol.

Update: Website is now gone, boo. Pretty sure this had something to do with legal blah blah blah. Ah, well.

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