Rates: For Couples or Pairs

Even Better Together: Dates with Couples or Pairs

Being invited to be intimate with a couple (as long as both partners are informed and eager*) is something I find highly erotic. I am honored to help both individuals explore their sexuality, their adventurousness, their fantasies, and the special bond they share–which will hopefully be even more sexually charged after I’ve left!

The following are my rates for couples (or for friends who simply feel more adventurous together):

  • 1 hour: $600
  • 90 minutes: $700
  • 2 hours: $850
  • 3 hours: $1150
  • Extended Date (up to 5 hours): $1650

As I do with any client, I require some screening before we meet. Please check the list of screening options on my Booking page. For a detailed explanation of why I do this, see here and here.

If I’m meeting with a man and woman who are in a long term relationship (marriage, long-term boyfriend and girlfriend, etc.), I prefer to chat with the “better half” (the lovely lady!) at some point before the appointment so that she and I can go over certain specifics about what should and should not happen during our time together. This helps to avoid any complications or dissatisfaction with our rendezvous, and it helps me get a good idea of how to please both partners.

Please place the honorarium in plain view, preferably in a plain white envelope, before I arrive.

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Sorry, but I cannot host. Please see my FAQ Page for other options.

*Please don’t “surprise” your partner unless you’re SURE he/she will appreciate and enjoy the surprise!!