Adventures in Self-Portraiture…or Leg-Portraiture…

A bed with red satin sheets
The Set, LOL

I had yesterday off from work, and after meeting with a very nice gentleman in the morning, I went grocery shopping. When I got home, I put the groceries away and decided to do a little housework. Well, the problem is that I hate housework, and I’m easily distractible. So, while i was changing into “house-cleaning” clothes, I decided to put the stockings-and-garter combo to good use and take a few pictures.

Do you realize how difficult it is to take pictures of yourself in lingerie? Well, let me tell you: it’s HARD. I wasn’t about  to take my phone camera into the bathroom and snap pics in the mirror (I haven no idea how I’d scrunch myself up so that my reflection fit in the medicine cabinet mirror over the sink, lol), so I propped my camera up, pointed it at the bed, and set the timer.

New Orleans Elite Escort Annie Calhoun : Description - A fair skinned woman wearing a black corset, black stockings, and a black garter belt with lace reclines on red satin sheets.

It didn’t last long. Because, like I said before, I’m distractible, and I ended up getting sidetracked when my best friend called to chat.r. I had it set to take about ten pictures in succession each time, but it did so very quickly, so basically I had to push the button, then run back over and hop onto the bed, try to do a couple of poses QUICKLY, and then get up and do it all over again.

New Orleans Elite Escort Annie Calhoun : Description - A woman's legs on red satin sheets.  She is wearing black thigh-high stockings with lace.

Anyway, I ended up with several shots in which I was only halfway in the frame, or I was nothing but a big blur.  There were a couple that were okay, and there were a ton that were hilarious.  I actually like the one to the left.  I have nine others very similar to it, except with the right leg slightly different in each shot–the camera was shooting so quickly I barely had time to move!  If I scroll through them quickly, it’s like watching a flip book, hahahha.  I felt like I was watching a very, very jerky softcore porn of myself.

Oh well, so much for my experiment in self-portraiture! Maybe I’ll invest in a tripod–a little versatility in terms of perspective and shot-framing may have helped! Either way, I need to meet with my photographer friend soon.  Even if I find the best, fanciest tripod available, I’ve come to accept the fact that there’s just no match for a real, live, talented human being behind the camera.

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