Accolades, Fan Mail, and Praise

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while. I occasionally receive gifts and/or flattering emails from readers of my blog. Some are potential or former clients; some are simply folks who either stumbled upon my site accidentally while perusing other sites or found it while searching for tell-all blogs full of racy stories written by professional companions (if you read this blog regularly, you know that’s not what they found here, haha).

Anyway, these generous gifts and thoughtful emails always brighten my day (or week, as it were). And, ya know, I don’t want to brag…well, yes I do. So, I thought I’d share a few with you.

October 2013

First… no one holds a candle to you, and second cudos on your mid-september tweet. Keep up that ‘sly te*sing’ bravado please…



October 2012

Hi Annie! :)

My name’s ____…and no, this isn’t what you think. I am a hobbyist and have more than a few references that can vouch for what kind of gentleman I am…

in (city that’s really far away from New Orleans)!

I just started reading your blog and really enjoy it. (Insert semi-identifying info about this gentleman’s connection to New Orleans).

Hopefully I’m not wasting your time with this email. Obviously, it would be difficult for us to schedule time together because of our distance issue. I am hoping, however, that I may call you a “blog friend” and fellow New Orleanian and continue to enjoy your writings. Maybe someday in the near future, a meeting could take place.

Until then, thank you for the enjoyable blogging, and stay safe.


September 2012

Hi Annie,

I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits.

Up front, with 2 kids in out of state private colleges to the tune of
100K a year, I’m not a potential customer…I feel like it would be
taking something away from them if I was. I just wanted to share a few

Anyway, I divide the world up into two groups of people. Interesting
and not very interesting. Money, power, or social status have nothing
with my decisions, you are either interesting or not.

Well, Annie, YOU are interesting.

I read your blog with great interest….it’s painfully obvious you are
well educated, mannered, have interest in history, (The Blue Books
reminded me of going thru my grandfathers things when we sold the
house on _____ St., I thought initially it was a social register for
the elite!) Like myself, I think you are interested in people, who
they are, where they came from background wise, and how they became
the way they are today.

With that being said, I am saying goodbye. My fantasy with you is not
sexual, but to sit down and have a conversation. I sense we could talk
for hours!


P.S. You also have a great sense of fashion

August 2012

Add me to the fan club!

Hi Annie.

My other half sent me your site today wanting me to see such a gorgeous companion in our favorite city to visit that we are returning to soon.

Scrolling through I enjoyed your wit, wondered if you would be around when we are in town next month, etc..

Then I came to your blog…

You had me at Bellocq!!! HAHA. No, really! I searched high and low for that book (just as you did!!!).. From leading book auctions and brokers to eBay and Amazon. Every copy I came across was not up to my standards or was CRAZY money and still not up to my standards! Finally about a year ago I received a call from a deal broker in the quarter and he had found one. It was Christmas in October at my house, and even a year later that collection of photos has its own little nest in the middle of my coffee table. The funny thing is, I love to brag about my book of Storyville prostitutes. Even to my grandparents, which is a little odd… Now the search is on for a real (not reproduction) Blue Book. Not an easy find either!

So, back to your blog…

After smiling because I found a kindred in your posts I found that there is so much that I enjoyed on your blog, and it spoke to me!!! From why at 16 did we all think that Cosmo was cool to favorite books, you had me hooked!!!!

I truly wish you amazing luck and happiness and hope you know that you so made my day, from 1000 miles away!

Have a wonderful day!

August 2012

(email received when reader bought me a gift from my Amazon Wishlist)
Annie, really enjoyed your website — loved your blog (more fan mail)! You seem like a fascinatingly interesting person.

All the best,


June 2012

Hey there

Hi Annie,

I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoyed reading through your website. Not only do you actually write a blog, but I loved seeing your goodreads list. You seem like a truly unique woman in this business.

I’m not looking for company this week while I am in town, but I had to drop a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your site. It was a breath of fresh air.


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  1. Dear Annie:

    I wanted to thank you for the recent and most memorable evening of my life . The amazing dinner we shared together was made even more incredible by your fascinating conversation, humor and intelligence. You made me feel as if I had known you for a lifetime. The Blackjack at the casino had a little bit of everything…excitement, drama, humor and angry gamblers ;). For some time now I’ve had issues with low self-esteem and you made me feel like there was no one else in the world that you wanted to be with more than me for that evening. It was wonderful to have the full attention of a classically beautiful and gifted young lady like yourself. I felt a sense of pride as we strolled hand-in-hand through the restaurant and casino and drawing the attention of the many gentlemen that were obviously wishing they were in my shoes. Your were dressed in a fashionable and tasteful manner which I appreciated. You have a compelling smile and I simply lost myself in your lovely hazel eyes. Everything in your website was accurate, and if anything, it did not come close to conveying the sensitive and caring person that you are. I am already planning our next meeting so that I can again experience your special kind of magic.

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