Wait, But Why? Escort Screening & Verification 101 for Newbies

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Escort screening & verification can seem weird and invasive to newbies. Remember that escort screening is important for safety and discretion reasons. Escorts want to be discreet. Rest assured that’s our top priority. But it’s not our only top priority–we also want to be safe. Screening keeps us safe. The “screening processes” we use can seem really weird and invasive to a newbie, especially since Hollywood and the media like to portray escorts as women who have sex indiscriminately with complete strangers for a few bucks, and do whatever the “customer” wants, whenever and however he wants to, without knowing a thing about him (or caring!). Here’s the understatement of the century: that’s not really accurate.

Concierge: Where to Wine and Dine a Date in New Orleans

This page is a work in progress. Recommended restaurants, cocktail lounges and bars, hotels, and general New Orleans-y things coming soon! Restaurants French Quarter Restaurants — The Big Four There are, of course, the four classic New Orleans Creole restaurants, the ones that are “musts” when you visit the city: Antoine’s, Arnaud’s, Galatoire’s, and Broussard’s, […]

Banner or Link Exchanges

~~Banner or Link Exchanges~~   Contact me if you’d like to do a banner exchange!! I’ve made a new one: .png image: New Orleans Courtesan Annie Calhoun New Orleans Courtesan Annie Calhoun .jpg image: New Orleans Courtesan Annie Calhoun New Orleans Courtesan Annie Calhoun

Philanthropy and Causes

~~Philanthropy and Causes~~ The following are some of the many nonprofit organizations and causes I support. LA-SPCA.org – Louisiana SPCA: Unleash Your Heart “As a nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of animal suffering, we have been committed to serving the needs of the people and animals in New Orleans and across the region for […]

Rates: For Couples or Pairs

Even Better Together: Dates with Couples or Pairs Being invited to be intimate with a couple (as long as both partners are informed and eager*) is something I find highly erotic. I am honored to help both individuals explore their sexuality, their adventurousness, their fantasies, and the special bond they share–which will hopefully be even […]

Accolades, Fan Mail, and Praise

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I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while. I occasionally receive gifts and/or flattering emails from readers of my blog. Some are potential or former clients; some are simply folks who either stumbled upon my site accidentally while perusing other sites or found it while searching for tell-all blogs full of racy stories written […]

My Screening Practices Explained – Part 1: Just Google Me, Baby!

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**This is Part 1 of a three-part series explaining some of the most common screening methods escorts, providers, and other adult entertainers use to ensure safety and discretion with clients.** My Screening Practices Explained, Part 1: Just Google Me, Baby! (


Scheduling a Date If you are ready to make an appointment, please first check my Booking page for details. I do not meet with everyone who contacts me–that would be nearly impossible, as I receive quite a few emails a day. Scheduling is a complicated matter, as we both have lives, complete with responsibilities and […]

Looking for an escort in New Orleans? Well…

Welcome! I’m Annie, a professional companion and escort in New Orleans. I’m available to clients in search of an elite, educated, and discreet professional companion in the New Orleans area. As a companion, I pride myself on my ability to entertain on a sensual, personal level. In true courtesan style, I move easily from social […]

F. A. Q.

Do you know any escorts in my city? Who do you recommend? I know reputable providers all across the US and beyond. I’ll be in New Orleans for a few days. Where should I eat? With or without a date, there are a few places I know of that I’m pretty sure you’ll love. I […]


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About Me

Hello!  I’m Annie, a professional companion (“courtesan,” if you will) and escort in New Orleans. Thanks for your interest, and for visiting my website!  I’m insanely proud of it…mainly because I barely understood what the words “domain” and “server” meant up until a few weeks ago.  So look around!  Make yourselves at home!  And humor […]

Booking: Rates and Screening

As a professional Courtesan in New Orleans, I offer my companionship to respectful, generous clients; see my rates and booking requirements below. Please contact me to set up an appointment. Packages: 1 hour: $400 2 hours: $700 3 hours (dinner date and quality time): $1000 Extended Dinner Date (up to 5 hours): $1500 Is an overnight […]